Highway Styxty-One

What is this? Highway Styxty-One is a game written by Marx Shepherd of Blue Golem Games. The rules are provided here for testing and critique. Please don't steal my ideas or I'll haunt your dreams. This is a story game about a bus. There's a driver, and there are passengers. The passengers are dead. To … Continue reading Highway Styxty-One

Orizuru: a half-formed thing

My latest story game is Orizuru: a half-formed thing, released as part of Takuma Okada's Jumbled Up July 2k19 game jam on itch.io. You can get Orizuru for free or nominal donation at itch.io or at DriveThruRPG.com. Origami Paper Crane Crane Cover image: Derivative of “Origami Paper Crane Crane” (retrieved from Max Pixel, no image credit provided), … Continue reading Orizuru: a half-formed thing